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Valeen Montenegro Shows Off Girl Power In A 10K Spartan Race

Valeen Montenegro Shows Off Girl Power In A 10K Spartan Race

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Actress-comedienne Valeen Montenegro has once again shown her passion for maintaining a healthy lifestyle as she participated in a recent local Spartan race.

It hasn’t been that long since the actress tried to level up her fitness routine by taking part in an obstacle course race under the influence of her friends.

On March 1, Valeen confidently kicked off Women’s Month as she showed off her ultimate girl power at the 10K Spartan Race Philippines, which is best known as the world’s biggest obstacle race series and is dedicated to giving challengers a life-changing fitness experience.

Through an Instagram post, the actress shared some of her photos that were taken when she was valiantly completing and winning through the military-style obstacles.

The post showed Valeen’s superb endurance while crawling under barbed wire, scaling slip walls, climbing a-frame cargo, carrying barrels, and more.

“Pa smile smile kunyari di nahihirapan,” Valeen joked in the caption.

Apart from her close friends and fellow celebrities, fans also commended the actress’ consistency in staying physically active and sharing her amazing fitness journey with everyone for some fitness inspiration.

Adding to the fun are the netizen’s comments, showing how the “Balitang Ina” star was hailed as “Pangmalakasang Ina.”

In 2022, Valeen finished in second place and received a silver medal in her first ever Spartan Race, which she considers a core memory, further proving her inimitable dedication and womanly strength, which also sparked encouragement for others to jumpstart their own journey to a healthier life.

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