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Filipino Architects Aims To Come Up With Infrastructures Boosting Tourism


Filipino Architects Aims To Come Up With Infrastructures Boosting Tourism


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Presidential Assistant for Eastern Mindanao Leo Tereso Magno urged the Philippine Institute of Architect (PIA) Davao Sector to help the government in building infrastructures that attract tourists.

In a statement Thursday, Magno said tourist-friendly facilities offer more significant opportunities for the tourism sector in the Davao Region.

“It will not only open new investment opportunities and tourism but also will boost our economy and job employment,” Magno said.

As the guest of honor during the 35th Anniversary of PIA Davao Sector on Wednesday night (Aug. 16) here, Magno said focusing on building tourist-centered infrastructures “will be a win-win situation for us in the government, the people in Region 11, and you, the architects who will make the entire region a must-visit place.”

“It is important to hire architects in every construction, as they inculcate artistry without sacrificing the stability of the project,” he said.

In June this year, the PIA Davao Sector launched the 18th Mindanao Design and Construction Fair, touted as the biggest construction expo so far in Mindanao.

With tourism development, the aspects of peace, safety, and security also need to be assured, Magno said.

Magno, the concurrent Cabinet Officer for Regional Developments and Security (CORDS) for Southern Mindanao, assured that the Davao Region remains safe and secure from all threats.

Earlier this week, Magno met with the police and military officials to tackle the security situation and plans for the region. (PNA)